Thursday, August 12, 2010

Introducing Goodwill Capitalism

If the many economic systems since their beginnings were allowed to evolve naturally, following Darwin's theory, Money and its role in commerce would have been history by now..into something similar to this... I strongly recommend that you read the earlier post before continuing here.
  • Goodwill Capitalism is proposed as a secondary economic system to the current money based economy, in which the goodwill generated between any two entities (people, businesses, government etc.) is quantified, tracked and used as a medium of exchange in commercial transactions. The unit of measurement of Goodwill is called Goodwill Credit or GeeCee, as we will refer to it from here on.
  • Goodwill Capitalism is conceived with the express purpose of guaranteeing basic quality of life and lifestyles to every person regardless of their perceived status as a "Productive" member of the society. The word "Productive" is used here in the traditional context of money based economy that implies participating in and contributing to revenue generating tasks and activities.
  • Goodwill Capitalism will accomplish this objective by monetizing social relationships, human and social capital using Goodwill Capital a resource that never runs out.
  • The commercial transactions that will be impacted in Goodwill Capitalism, to a large extent will relate to products or services which are directly or indirectly associated with sustaining the three basic necessities of life - namely Food, Health and Education. But not necessarily restricted to these commercial activities.
  • Everyone will have unlimited access to GeeCees, that they can borrow at zero or very low percent interest from the government to purchase any produce, products or services that are qualified in the open market as contributing to Life's essentials. These GeeCees are called Borrowed (B) GeeCees. All of the Borrowed GeeCees will have to be repaid, back to the government within a fixed time. The form of repayment can be in Earned GeeCees or in taxes or by rendering different kinds of needed services.
  • In addition, every member of the community who maintains an accepted level of social responsibilities by virtue of being a good neighbor, productive worker, responsible parent, good caretakers or just performing basic civic duties can apply for and earn GeeCees from the communities or the government. These are called Earned (E) GeeCees. Somewhat similar to tax credits in our tax system - except that they will be allocated every month or quarter. Earned GeeCees do not have to be repaid. This is one way of earning GeeCees.
Goodwill Capitalism - An Overview
  • Earned GeeCees can also be awarded between persons or businesses or governments in return or exchange for their good deeds or for services that have helped in increasing the social capital in their communities. In most cases these will be awarded by people or corporations (Donors) to other people or businesses and sometimes government (Recipients). Think of the many times when you have thanked someone with all your heart and wished you had more to say or give, except that now, you can do so with your Earned GeeCees.
  • Some examples of awarding GeeCees are:
    • Senior parents rewarding their adult children for providing care
    • Parents of students rewarding good teachers at the end of school year
    • Employees may reward their bosses for a profitable year or vice-versa
    • Community members rewarding the police officers on the beat
    • Parents rewarding baby sitter
    • Citizens rewarding their state representative for a great job, etc.
    • To good neighbors for taking time off and helping in emergency
    • Utilities Company rewarding customers for saving energy..etc..

  • The difference between Earned GeeCees and Borrowed GeeCees is that Borrowed GeeCees have to be repaid, whereas Earned GeeCees do not have to be repaid. Borrowed GeeCees can only be used for purchase of life's essentials and not for any other purchase. Earned GeeCees can be used for purchasing anything that money can buy, including life's essentials.

  • Earned GeeCees can only be awarded and cannot be taken or demanded - although those receiving or accepting Earned GeeCees may specify the quantity that they will accept, but they cannot demand to be paid in GeeCees. Basically, GeeCees can only be awarded voluntarily by the person who has received a product or a service or a good deed.

  • Earned GeeCees may be used as a repayment to the Government for Borrowed GeeCees or as taxes or simply as a gratuity for good government.

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